5 Potential Meanings of your Dreams!


Since I’ve started Interpreting Dreams for friends, family, and strangers, I’ve gotten many responses, some of affirmation and some of uncertainty.

Some of my friends didn’t previously believe that Dreams could or should be Interpreted through the Holy Spirit, but after either giving me their Dream or being with me in a small group setting, actually started to believe that it was real and significant.

Some friends don’t yet believe that Dreams should be interpreted, but have been very curious and have asked me several questions (which I’m totally fine with as I love their openness to what God is doing in our Dreams).

Your thoughts on Dreams or experience with them might vary, but I want to mention five potential meanings that your Dreams may contain!

Your Dreams might be trying to…

1. Give you Direction for a specific situation in life!

When Jesus was born, the Wise men were given direction in a dream not to return to Herod, and to return to their country by another route (Matthew 2:1-12).

Dreams are parabolic and symbolic, but often times God can be trying to give you specific direction for a circumstance in your life through a Dream, especially if you’ve been praying for it!

This direction can be like it was for the wise men and actually refer to a physical detour or change in your life (such as a certain job, or plan that you have), or it can be about a relationship or anything else!

God loves to speak in many ways, and just as He gave direction to the wise men, He definitely has wisdom and direction for you!

2. Tell you how the enemy is coming against you.

Dreams can come from God, ourselves, and the devil.

Sometimes we automatically think if we have a Dream that is upsetting to us that we should just disregard it and ignore it. While this can be true and beneficial, there are many Dreams that the enemy gives us that should be interpreted through the truth of the Bible and the Holy Spirit, because they actually tell us his plans and strategies to attack or come against us!

I interpreted a Dream some time ago that had Spiders in it. The spiders in the dream actually represented a specific spiritual attack from the devil, and through interpreting it, the person who I was interpreting for was able to know how to pray for herself in that time of her life.

You know what’s better than just refusing the enemy? Understanding his plans and defeating them, and making him wish he had never even tried to come against you! 

3. Show you how God is equipping you in this season of your life.

I interpreted a friend’s dream where He was led away from a battle by an odd person and told to search for something hidden in a cave.

When the item was revealed to him, it was a particular type of sword with specific colors/gems on it.

Through proper Interpretation, we were able to understand the specific way that God was equipping him through that Dream to help him see victory for his life and his family’s life!

God is a good Father, and He gives good gifts. Like really good gifts. 

I believe God gives us gifts though Dreams at times to equip us for the season, battle, and situation that is going on in our life or in the lives of our loved ones, but the more you can recognize the gift, the better you’re able to use it with the Lord’s power!

4. Help birth Creative ideas or Inventions to make!

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity came in a series of 18 dreams, originating from a dream where he saw cows being electrocuted when he was a teenager!

Rene Descartes had a dream with a whirlwind that gave him the knowledge to come up with the Scientific Method!

So yes, God also loves to speak creativity and inventions in Dreams. He won’t only do it for Christians either; God loves to speak to Dreams to everyone!

If you’re a developer, or creative minded person, invite God to speak to you in this way! He is the Creator of mankind and all things amazing, isn’t He?

5. Show you where you stand with the Lord or others.

God may speak to you in Dreams to show you where you’re at in your relationship with Him.

He might try to speak to you to show you areas of your life that you’ve closed off from the Lord, that He wants to re-open and work in. He may be showing you that you are closer than you even know with Him!

He might also be showing you others who you need to reconcile with, or those who have issues against you who you can reach out to or pray for! God loves relationships, and He loves to bring healing, restoration, and the fullness of His joy and life into every person!

There are many, many more ways and things that God wants to speak to you about in Your Dreams at night.

If you have a Dream that you would like Interpreted, let’s connect. I would love to help bring revelation and understanding through the Holy Spirit for your life! 
Contact me on this page of my blog for all things Dream related! 


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