Why your Dreams Matter


Let’s be real: Does God really speak through dreams today?

Did you know that by the time you are 60 years old, you will have slept around 20 years of your life.

How often do you think God wants to speak to you in 20 years?

If you don’t think that your dreams are significant, then you probably won’t expect to find meaning in them.

In the Bible, God spoke to people in Dreams to give them extraordinary, powerful, immediate direction! If the character of God doesn’t change, then why would He stop speaking to us in our Dreams? I believe he actually wants to speak to us in our Dreams, but it’s us who have stopped expecting Him to, and believing that He wants to!

Before I started believing that God wanted to speak to me through my dreams, I often disregarded my dreams and any potential meaning that they might have possibly contained.

I believed the lie that my dreams didn’t have meaning, that they were only really my mind having fun while my body slept. This was not just unbiblical, it was unwise, because God often speaks to us in our Dreams such amazing things that we might doubt if we were awake!

I believe that His voice through our dreams will match the way that His voice sounds through the Bible. I believe that He will give us dreams that show us who He is, and His dreams for us!

Do I believe that every single dream we have is from the Lord? No.

At times, I believe that we also receive dreams from the enemy. Although this is undesirable, I believe that the Lord allows us to have these dreams because through letting us see and experience these dreams, we can actually understand specific plans that the devil has planned for us.

By this understanding, we can actually respond by preemptively fighting against the devil through prayer! We actually get to “Use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.” (2 Corinthians 10:4)

I also believe that some dreams aren’t from God or the devil, but instead just come from our soul/body. These dreams could be related to things that we have seen, are going through, or have experienced in life. Sometimes, we might dream of things that we did throughout the day, but might not necessarily have any significant meaning for the direction of our life!

And that is so okay! It’s good to know that not every single dream we have has extreme significance, because from knowing this, we can just learn to be attentive so that when the Lord does give us a dream, we can be encouraged from it, strengthened from it, and draw closer to Him!

If you have a dream that you believe is from the Lord that you want to understand, or is from the devil and you want to spoil his plans from happening, then I want to encourage you to send me the dream so we can seek the Lord together for an interpretation!

If you’d like to try interpreting the Dream yourself, write it down and pray over it. Ask the Lord what He thinks about you, and what He thinks about your dream. Value what He speaks to you, and ask Him about the elements of the dream and their meaning for your life!

If you’ve been praying and processing through your dream, but are looking for someone experienced to help you in that process, I would love to be of service!

If you have a Dream that you would like me to interpret, submit it at my page for Interpretation! 

Try to type the dream out with as much detail as you can remember (colors, objects, people, emotions, etc.).

I can’t promise that I’ll be as good as Joseph from the Bible when it comes to interpretation, but I should at least be able to tell you whether it’s significant to your life or not, and in what capacity you should reflect on it!

Daniel 2:28

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