Interpret My Dream

Since I’ve started my first blog, Young Revivalist, so many of you (friends, family, and even those who I’ve never met) have contacted me for Dream Interpretations! To keep up with the demand, I’m going to take Dream Interpretation requests through this page!

I’ve been Interpreting Dreams since 2015. I learned through Streams Ministries (and the late John Paul Jackson), and I’ve also had the opportunity to interpret Dreams alongside Bethel Church in Redding, California!

Before you tell me your Dream, Read Below!

My process for Dream Interpretation:

I pray and ask Holy Spirit for wisdom, revelation, and His interpretation for the Dream it’s purpose for your life. At times, I may also refer to the Bible and multiple Ministry resources for added insight. After I feel peace and certainty on the interpretation, I record it on an audio recording and send it to you!

*I keep your Dream and it’s Interpretation private. I do not use your information or name without your full permission.

Here’s what I will contact you with:

1. Who the Dream is from: God, Devil/Demonic, or Your Soul.
2. What Category your Dream is about (20+ Possible Categories Include: Future/Prophetic, Healing, Calling, Direction, Warning, and more!)
3. Who the Dream is about: You or Someone else.
4. Breakdown of the Dream: The significance of it’s Purpose, Colors, People, Objects, and more!
5. What Does it Mean for Your Life: The Specific Prayer or Action you should take in response to the Dream, and other Relevant Information for the Interpretation or your Life!

Dream Interpretation is Free, but I accept Donations!

Typically I spend about 30 minutes to 2 hours to Interpret short, long, and multiple Dreams! In my process above, I spend time praying over the Dream, seeking the Holy Spirit for Interpretation, and praying over your life and that God would use the Dream for His will for you!

I believe that God wants to speak to you through your Dreams, and that you can’t put a price on His work through the Holy Spirit, so the donation is strictly for my time and effort. Since I have a full schedule and a family and home to love and attend to, I sacrifice my time for Dream Interpretations.

Of course, I love Interpreting Dreams, and love seeing you all receive supernatural revelation from them, so the money goes towards ministry so I am able to do this for the long run! If you choose to donate, I will respond to your Dream submission within the selected time frame. If you are not able to donate, it will take longer for me to get to the Dream, but I will happily interpret it within my allowed schedule.

If you are not able to donate, that is okay! I still would love to Interpret your Dream with you! I just ask that from my time, you would leave a comment afterwards with how it impacted you. (You can also leave a comment anonymously without putting your name!)
*See donation pricing below.

Guidelines for Sending me your Dream:

Below are the questions for you to answer while typing your dream that will help me accurately interpret your Dream! Please try to give as much of the information listed below, and anything else that you think may be helpful (such as what’s currently going on in your life and what you’re currently experiencing in your day-to-day relationships with friends, family, and God)!

1. When did you have the Dream? What was going on in your life around that time?
2. Type out the whole Dream.
3. What Role did you play in the Dream?
4. Were there any additional details that you would like to include?
5. What emotions did you feel or experience as the Dream went on, and when you woke up?
6. Did you think God gave you part of the interpretation when you woke up? Write it here. (If not, that’s okay!)
7. Has this Dream ever recurred in a similar way or in a different way?
8. What was the overall color scheme of the Dream?

Donation Options: Click PayPal link below OR Use Venmo App!

Click here to donate $15 through Paypal
Click here to donate $25 through Paypal

*(If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily make one in under two minutes!)
**(My full name is Roy Nicholas Dan, but PayPal only shows my first name, so don’t worry!)

You can donate through your app by clicking this link (to pay @NickDan) and type in the amount from the pricing here of your choice!

Submit Your Dream Here:

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