This is my second time getting a dream interpreted by Nick, and I can honestly say that my dreams are probably the craziest things in the world. It’s full of weird actions and small things, but have an overall theme. So with Nick’s help and the guidance of the Lord, Nick has been able to decipher where the dreams have been coming from, both have been from God, and in someway or some form have conveyed either my ministry or my calling but in the future sense.

If you’re reading this and are unsure if you should even take a shot at it, do it anyways, because it will shed some light on things that you can be missing. Nick is an amazing person who is letting God use him as vessel to help out the common folk like you and me haha, and I can promise you that this will change your life. Or by the very minimum put things into perspective for you. I love Nick (and his beautiful wife) and I thank him for being willing enough to not only help me with two dreams, but also a crazy outer body experience with the holy spirit. Also guys, the man works hard on these. Don’t forget to spread him some love by either donation or a simple comment or passing it on to your friends and family. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH NICK! YOU’RE THE BEST! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR MINISTRY BLOW UP EVEN MORE! 🙂

Ministry Calling Clarity